How to install Network Agent for Mac via Apple Remote Desktop
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Kaspersky Security Center 9


How to install Network Agent for Mac via Apple Remote Desktop

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2012 Nov 30 ID: 7992

Applies to:
  • Kaspersky Endpoint Security 8 for Mac
  • Kaspersky Security Center 9.0
  • Kaspersky Administration Kit 8.0
  • You can use Apple Remote Desktop for remote installation of Network Agent for Mac:
    1. Install Apple Remote Desktop on a Mac server;

    2. The Remote management option should be enabled on client hosts with Mac OS X:

    3. Mount the (by double-clicking it) Network Agent for Mac DMG image;

    4. Use the Scanner function in Apple Remote Desktop to select target hosts:

    5. After selecting target hosts, click Copy;

    6. Click the button "+" and select Network Agent for Mac installation files (located on the mounted DMG image) - DMG image, .kud and .sh files:

    7. Select Top folder of the disk in the Place items option;

    8. Click the Copy button;

    9. Click the UNIX button once the installation files have been copied;

    10. Select User in the Run command option, and enter root in the User field. Enter the following commands in the command line:

      cd /;
      ./ -r administration_server

      where, administration_server is administration server name or IP address.

    11. Click the Send button;

    12. Once installation completes, installation task status changes to disk2 ejected on each client host:

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