SSO (single sign-on) authentication.

After creating a company, authentication via single sign-on technology (SSO) is disabled by default. Users can access the training portal using personalized links from the training invite.

When SSO is enabled, users will be able to log in to the training portal using an identity provider account. In this case, you can use a single link for all users to access the portal. This link is available in the ASAP web interface in the Company settings section → SSO in the SSO Sign-in URL field. Personalized links from training invites will still remain available.

To use SSO, you need to configure integration with an identity provider via SAML. Configuring integration involves the following stages.

  1. Configuring integration settings in the identity provider interface and ASAP web interface.

    Kaspersky Automated Security Awareness Platform supports integration with the following providers:

  2. Enabling SSO in the ASAP Web Interface.

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