Using Parental Control

Parental Control allows monitoring actions performed by users on the local computer and online. You can use Parental Control to restrict access to Internet resources and applications, as well as view reports on users' activities.

More and more children and teenagers are obtaining access to computers and web resources. The use of computers and the Internet presents a number of challenges and threats for children:

Parental Control allows you to reduce the risks posed by computer and Internet use. To do this, the following functions are available:

You can configure features of Parental Control for each user account on a computer individually. If a user uses two accounts, for example, a local account of the operating system and a Microsoft user account, Parental Control settings should be configured for the Microsoft user account.

You can also view Parental Control reports on the activities of monitored users.

When the time zone changes, or when switching to and from daylight savings time, the following rules apply for using the computer and Internet, as well as for starting games and applications:

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