Use autosave and autofill

Automatically save data

When you visit websites and enter logins, passwords, bank card details, or addresses in online forms, Kaspersky Password Manager prompts you to add them to the vault.

Sign in to websites

When you visit a website, Kaspersky Password Manager searches for accounts that you have saved for that website. Based on the search results and your current preferences, Kaspersky Password Manager may either sign you in, offer accounts to choose from, or prompt you to create a new account:

Note: In order for the browser extension to work, the vault must be unlocked.

If you have selected the autologin checkbox and have chosen a default account for the website, Kaspersky Password Manager will sign you in automatically using the default account.

Open and automatically sign in to a website from the main application window

Sign in to a website using the extension for Safari

Sign in to a website using the extension for Firefox or Chrome

Automatically fill out addresses and bank card details

When you shop online, Kaspersky Password Manager searches the vault for bank cards and addresses to fill the shipping and payment fields. If the vault contains appropriate entries, Kaspersky Password Manager prompts you to choose the address or bank card that you want to use for the online form.

You can disable autosave and autofill if you don’t want Kaspersky Password Manager to fill out online forms for you.

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