Kaspersky Security Center API description
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
AdfsSsoInterface for working with ADFS SSO
AdHostsScanned active directory OU structure
AdmServerSettingsAdmServerSettings interface
AdSecManagerAdaptive Security managing
AKPatchesInterface to manage system of autoupdating by patch.exe patches
AppCtrlApiInterface to get info about execution files
AsyncActionStateCheckerInterface to monitor state of async action
CertPoolCtrlInterface to manage the pool of certificates used by the Kaspersky Security Center Server
CertPoolCtrl22nd interface to manage the pool of certificates used by the Kaspersky Security Center Server
CertUtilsHelpers for managing certificates
CgwHelperCgwHelper (Connection Gateway) helper proxy class
ChunkAccessorWorks with the host result set
CloudAccessInterface to check access of public clouds
ConEventsInterface to server events
DatabaseInfoDatabase processing
DataProtectionApiAllows to protect sensitive data in policies, tasks, and/or on specified host
DpeKeyServiceInterface for working with encrypted devices
EventNotificationPropertiesNotification properties
EventNotificationsApiPublish event
EventProcessingInterface implements the functionality for viewing and deleting events
EventProcessingFactoryInterface to create event processing iterators
ExtAudInterface for working with ExtAudit subsystem
ExtTenantManage external tenant info interface
FileCategorizer2Interface for working with FileCategorizer subsystem
FilesAcceptorUpload files to server
GatewayConnectionInterface for creating gateway connections
GcmInterface to manage settings of using the GCM service
GroupSyncAccess to group synchronization objects
GroupTaskControlApiInterface to perform some management actions over group tasks
GuiContextGui context storage interface
HostGroupProcessing hosts and managing groups
HostMoveRulesModify and acquire move rules to hosts
HostTagsApiInterface allows to acquire and manage tags for hosts. It is additional interface for common ListTags
HostTagsRulesApiInterface allows to acquire and manage host automatic tagging rules
HostTasksBasic management operations with host tasks
HstAccessControlSecurity policy
HWInvStorageInterface for working with Hardware storage subsystem
InventoryApiInterface for working with Software Inventory subsystem
InvLicenseProductsInterface to manage License Management (third party) Functionality
IVapmSrvServiceInterface to configure vapm subsystem
IWebSrvSettingsWeb server settings proxy class
KeyServiceInterface for working with KeyService subsystem
KeyService2Additional interface for working with KeyService subsystem
KillChainKillChain info from host
KLEVerControlControls the possibility to download and automatically create installation packages
KsnInternalInterface for working with KsnProxy subsystem
LicensePolicyLicense policy
LimitsInterface for working with Limits subsystem
ListTagsInterface allows to acquire and manage tags to various KSC objects
MdmCertCtrlApiMobile devices certificates and restore data management
MigrationDataMigration of data between KSC On-Premise and KSCHosted
ModulesIntegrityCheckInterface for modules integrity check
MultitenancyMultitenancy product managing
NagCgwHelperNagent CGW (Connection Gateway) API
NagGuiCallsRemote host caller
NagHstCtlManage nagent on host
NagNetworkListApiNagent OpenAPI to work with network lists
NagRduRemote diagnostics on host
NagRemoteScreenInterface for remote screen session management
NlaDefinedNetworksNetwork location awareness (NLA) defined networks. Used as a scope for Update agents. Each NLA-defined network is defined by list of NLA locations
OAuth2OAuth2 product managing
OsVersionOperating systems dictionary access
PackagesApiOperating with packages
PatchParametersPatch parameters processing
PLCDevApiInterface allows to acquire and manage PLC devices registry
PluginDataPlugin data managing
PluginDataStoragePlugin Data Storage interface
PolicyPolicies processing
PolicyProfilesPolicy profiles processing
ProductBackendIntegrationProduct backend integration
ProductUserTokenIssuerProduct backend user token issuer
PushServerOApiInterface for working with PushServer subsystem
QBTNetworkListApiInterface to working with Quarantine, Backup and TIF network lists
QueriesStorageQueriesStorage interface
ReportManagerManaging reports
RetrFilesClass provides means to get retranslated files info
ScanDiapasonsNetwork subnets processing
SecurityPolicy3Allows to manage security groups of internal users. Use srvview SplUserGroupSrvViewName to get information about relationship between users and groups
ServerHierarchyServer hierarchy management interface
ServerTransportSettingsServer transport settings proxy class
ServiceNwcCommandProviderService console command provider
ServiceNwcDeploymentService NWC Deployment
SessionSession management interface
SiemExportSIEM control interface
SmsQueueManage SMS message queue
SmsSendersConfigure mobile devices as SMS senders
SpamEventsInterface for reading and editing of SPAM-events list. Works in the context of a virtual server
SrvCloudInterface to acquire info about public clouds
SrvCloudStatInterface for working with statistics of using clouds
SrvIpmNewsAndStatisticsIn-product marketing support interface
SrvRi"Remote installation" task results
SrvSsRevisionAccess to virtual server settings storage revisions
SrvViewInterface to get plain-queries from SC-server
SsContentsAccess to settings storage
SubnetMasksSubnets provider
TasksGroup tasks
TotpGlobalSettings2FA global settings
TotpRegistrationTOTP registration
TotpUserSettings2FA user settings
TrafficManagerTraffic manager interface
UaControlUpdate agents and Connection gateways management
UpdatesProcessing updates
UpdCompsClass provides means to manage updatable components (bases)
UserDevicesApiInterface for the unified mobile device management
VapmControlApiInterface for working with application updates and vulnerabilities
VServersVirtual servers processing
VServers2Virtual servers processing
WolSenderWake-On-LAN signal sender