Backup Digest

Backup Digest is an email notification with information about the latest received messages placed in the user's personal Backup.

The Backup Digest contains information about new messages that are available to the user, which have appeared in the Backup since the previous Digest was sent. The digest is sent out on a schedule set by the administrator. By default, the digest is sent out every day at 01:00 local time of the Control node. If the cluster node is not available, the digest for it is postponed until the next scheduled mailing time.

The user receives the Backup Digest if new messages were added to the personal Backup of that user since the previous digest was sent out. The Backup Digest is sent from the default address.

If the user's personal Backup does not contain any messages, the digest is not sent to that user.

The user can enable or disable the personal Backup Digest in the Backup section using the Receive digest toggle switch. If the digest is enabled, the user can unsubscribe by clicking a link in the digest message without going to the Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway web interface.

The administrator of the program can do the following with the relevant permissions:

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