Receiving tenant protection reports

A virtual machine is considered protected if the Light Agent installed on it is connected to the SVM. Each SVM can receive data about the time intervals when Light Agents were connected to the SVM and pass this data to the Integration Server database. Based on this information, you can receive reports on the protection status of the tenant virtual machines using the Integration Server REST API.

You can use the tenant protection report to obtain information about all protected tenant virtual machines and all time intervals when each virtual machine was protected by Kaspersky Security. The report can also be used to obtain information about the protection of all virtual machines that connected to the SVM during the specified reporting period, including the virtual machines that do not belong to any tenant.

Receiving tenant protection reports consists of the following steps:

  1. Enabling the function of transferring report data to the Integration Server database.
  2. Report generation. The report is generated as a CSV file in a temporary folder.
  3. Report upload. The generated report can be uploaded in its entirety or in parts for integration into the provider’s reporting system.

In this section:

Enabling the function of transferring report data

Generating tenant protection reports

Uploading tenant protection reports

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