Gathering information for Technical Support

After you notify Kaspersky Technical Support experts about a problem, they may ask you to provide them with debug information consisting of trace files and additional information about the operating system, processes running on the server, and other diagnostic information. Trace files allows you to trace the process of performing application commands step by step and determine the stage of application operation at which an error occurs. You can choose which events are recorded in trace files (errors or information messages). All trace files and additional debug information is saved in an archive that you can send to Technical Support.

Trace files can contain information about your organization which you consider confidential. You need to get approval of your organization's Security department regarding the contents of the archive that you're submitting. Before submitting the trace log, delete all data from it that you consider confidential.

Debug information regarding application operation is written according to the defined trace level. Its storage location depends on the distribution kit:

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