Managing privileges at the level of profile / server settings

To restrict access to the application at the level of individual documents (profile and server settings), the following functional roles are provided:

Profile and server administrators are assigned following installation of the application. The assignment is carried out for each server and profile separately.

Only users with the privileges of one of the three functional groups can be assigned as Profile administrators or Server administrators.

By default, users and (or) user groups included in the Control Center administrators functional group during installation are specified as administrators in the profile and server settings.

Users from the Security administrators and Control Center administrators functional groups are granted the right to edit the settings of all servers and profiles, regardless of their functional role. To grant restricted privileges, for example, to edit the settings of only one profile / server, users from the Administrators with restricted privileges functional group should be assigned as profile / server administrators. Users from this group are granted the right to edit the settings of only the profiles / servers for which they have been assigned as administrators. If a user of this group is assigned as a profile administrator, he/she is also granted the right to edit the settings of all servers under this profile.

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