Kaspersky Security Center API description
Users and groups list

SrvView view to list users and groups. Name of view is "GlobalUsersListSrvViewName".

Parameter 'pParams' of SrvView::ResetIterator method can contain:

  • "strHostId" (paramString) unique string ID of host. If 'strHostId' is specified, only users with the actual 'ul_bVisited' field will be returned. For those users ul_bVisited=true if the user is currently logged on; otherwise false.
    If 'pParams' is NULL or 'strHostId' is not specified, then ul_bVisited is always NULL.

Attribute nameData typeDescription
ul_llTrusteeIdparamLongUnique account ID within the users list. Supported by server 10SP1 and higher.
ul_llTrusteeIdOrigparamLongFor alias users: original account ID. Supported by server 10SP2 and higher.
ul_nVServerparamIntVirtual server ID. Supported by server 10SP1 and higher.
ul_binIdparamBinaryAccount ID. The pair ("ul_nVServer", "ul_binId") uniquely identifies a user.
ul_bUserparamBoolUser/group indicator.
ul_LocalparamBoolLocal account indicator.
ul_BuiltinparamBoolBuilt-in account indicator.
ul_InternalUserparamBoolInternal account indicator.
ul_binSidHashparamBinaryMD5 SID hash.
ul_wstrDistringuishedNameparamStringDistinguished name.
ul_strObjectGUIDparamStringObject GUID.
ul_wstrDisplayNameparamStringDisplay name.
ul_wstrPrincipalNameparamStringPrincipal name.
ul_wstrSamAccountNameparamStringNT4-style (SAM) name.
ul_wstrMailparamStringEmail filled in Active Directory.
ul_wstrMailExtraparamStringEmail. May be filled by administrator.
ul_wstrTelephoneNumberparamStringPhone number filled in Active Directory.
ul_wstrTelephoneExtraparamStringPhone number. May be filled by administrator.
ul_wstrMobileparamStringMobile phone number.
ul_wstrDepartmentparamStringUser's department.
ul_wstrCompanyparamStringUser's company name.
ul_wstrManagerparamStringUser's manager display name.
ul_wstrDomainSAMparamStringNT4-style (SAM) domain name.
ul_wstrDomain2000paramStringDNS-style domain name.
ul_nGroupIdparamIntGroup ID (for groups only).
ul_wstrVServerNameparamStringVirtual server display name.
ul_nSplUserIdparamIntID of internal user or group.
ul_nSplUserDescparamStringDescription of internal user or group.
ul_bDisabledparamBoolDisabled flag of internal user.
ul_bVisitedparamBoolHost specified by 'strHostId' parameter that was visited by the user.
ul_bUISparamBoolUser account is based on UIS.
ul_wstrFtsFieldparamStringSearch-only field for full-text search. See Full-text attribute
May be included only as a filter. The following fields are included in search:
  • ul_wstrDisplayName
  • ul_wstrPrincipalName
  • ul_wstrSamAccountName
  • ul_wstrMail
  • ul_wstrMailExtra
  • ul_wstrTelephoneNumber
  • ul_wstrTelephoneExtra
  • ul_wstrMobile
  • ul_wstrDepartment
  • ul_wstrCompany
  • ul_wstrManager
  • ul_wstrDomainSAM
  • ul_wstrDomain2000
  • ul_wstrDistringuishedName
ul_bTotpExceptionparamBoolWhether the user is on the 2FA exclusion list.
ul_bTotpReigsteredparamBoolIs the 2FA secret registered for a user.

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