How to comply with GDPR requirements when using Kaspersky Embedded Systems Security

Latest update: October 11, 2021 ID: 14538

Kaspersky Embedded Systems Security may transmit data to Kaspersky in the following scenarios:

  • When you are using Kaspersky Security Network (KSN).
  • If you activate the application with an activation code.
  • When you download updates for anti-virus databases and application modules.
  • When following links in the interface.

Irrespective of the data classification and territory from which the data is received, Kaspersky adheres to the highest standards for data security and employs various legal, organizational and technical measures to protect the data of users, to guarantee its security and confidentiality, and also to ensure the fulfillment of users' rights as guaranteed by applicable legislation.  For details, see the article about the privacy policy for Kaspersky solutions and services.

In accordance with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation and according to the Kaspersky classification for the B2B segment, personal information may be contained only in data that is transmitted to Kaspersky during use of Kaspersky Security Network. Nevertheless, individual companies may also deem information transmitted in other traffic as sensitive data in accordance with their own internal classifications and standards.

For this reason, prior to beginning use of Kaspersky Embedded Systems Security, please carefully read the description of transmitted data presented below. Find more information about processed data in the About data provision section in the Administrator’s guide for Kaspersky Embedded Systems Security.

If specific data transmitted from Kaspersky Embedded Systems Security under any of the scenarios described above may be classified as personal data according to your local legislation or other regulations, you must ensure that such data is processed legally and obtain the consent of end users for the collection and transmission of such data.

If you do not want to submit the data described below to Kaspersky, follow our recommendations to disable the transmission of such data.


Data transmitted to Kaspersky when using Kaspersky Security Network


Data transmitted to Kaspersky when the application is activated


Data transmitted to Kaspersky when downloading anti-virus database updates and application updates


Data transmitted to Kaspersky when following the links in Kaspersky Embedded Systems Security logs

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