Kaspersky Free for Android

Hardware and software requirements

August 24, 2023

ID 61345

This Help is applicable to Kaspersky app 11.103.X.XXXX and later.

A device must meet the following requirements to support Kaspersky app:

  • Smartphone or tablet with a screen resolution of 320x480 pixels or higher
  • 120 MB of free space in the device's main memory
  • Operating system: Android 6.0-14.x

    If a device running the Android operating system has modified firmware, there is an increased risk that the device will be hacked and your data will be stolen or corrupted.

    On devices with Android 6, when Real Time Protection is set to Extended mode, if you copy malware into the file system, the app doesn't detect it. This is caused by a registered known issue on Android 6. During a file system scan, the app will detect this malware.

  • Intel Atom x86 or ARMv7 and higher platforms

The app must only be installed to the device's main memory.

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