Protection of EMC Isilon, IBM, Hitachi, Oracle, Dell, and other ICAP network storages

Latest update: December 21, 2018 ID: 12879
For ICAPnetwork storages (such as EMC Isilon, IBM NAS, or Hitachi NAS in the ICAP mode), Kaspersky Security acts as a service working through the ICAP protocol (Internet Content Adaptation Protocol). 
Upon an attempt of reading, creating, or changing a file from the storage, the network storage creates an ICAP request to Kaspersky Security, which contains the file in question. The ICAP Network Storage Protection scans the file according to the settings of the ICAP Network Storage Protection task. Upon threat detection, Kaspersky Security performs an action specified in the settings and returns the scan result to the storage. If the Disinfect option is select in the settings, and the disinfection of the file was successful, Kaspersky Security returns the disinfected file to the storage in return to the request. 

Supported network storages

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