How to use Firewall in Kaspersky Total Security 2018

Latest update: November 23, 2017 ID: 13662

It is essential to protect your data when your PC is connected to a network, as it can be intercepted or accessed by criminals. To protect your network connection, use the Firewall component.

The Firewall component of Kaspersky Total Security 2018 monitors all network connections in accordance with the component settings. Depending on the status, it allows or denies access.

One of the following statuses can be assigned to each network:

  • Public network: recommended for networks not protected by anti-virus software, firewalls or filters. This status prevents other network users from accessing the files on your computer, or any printers connected to it. It is given to the Internet by default.
  • Local network: recommended for networks whose users you trust, such as home or local corporate networks. This status allows other network users to access the files on your computer, and any printers connected to it.
  • Trusted network: recommended only for networks that are secure against attacks and attempts to get unauthorized access to data on the computer.

Using the Firewall component of Kaspersky Total Security 2018, you can change the status of the network or deny access to the network for an application.


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