Rules for calling technical support

Rules for calling technical support

Working hours

You can contact technical support during phone support operation hours. Please find the information for your region on the Consumer Support Contacts page (for home solutions) or Business Support Contacts page (for business solutions).

Before making your call 

Please be ready to provide the following information:

If you are using a Kaspersky Lab solution for home:

  • Your activation code. You can find it in the email message from the online store or in the User Guide if you bought the solution in a box. Also, you can find your activation code on My Kaspersky, you have added it to your account.
  • or
  • License key. You can find the key in the licensing window of your Kaspersky Lab application.

If you are using a Kaspersky Lab solution for business:

  • License number

You may be additionally asked to give the following details:

  • Your device type (PC, laptop, mobile device, etc.), vendor, and model; your processor type, amount of RAM and disk memory, information about all connected devices.
  • Operating system: type, version number, language.
  • Information about your Kaspersky Lab solution: version of the application and its components.
  • Applications installed on the device. Try to remember which applications you have recently removed.

During your call

Please keep in mind that the consulting engineer cannot see your device. All information the support will operate to solve your issue is received from you. The consulting person may not be aware of the facts that are obvious to you. That is why, please describe your problem including as many details as possible, such as: when the issue started to occur, what happened before that, what have you tried to do to fix the issue. Try to include all relevant facts.

Please note that support channels have its limitations and not all issues can be solved via the phone. Do not blame the consultant if they do not explain you how to clear the system registry and offer you to a contact service center instead. They offer you the shortest way to solve your problem taking in regard your computer skills and other circumstances.

General recommendations 

  • Before calling the support, try looking up your problem in our Knowledge Base. Your case may be described in detail there.
  • When calling technical support, keep the device with the problem within your reach. This will help you save time on solving the problem.
  • If you do not have any Kaspersky lab solutions installed yet, the engineer will help you choose the best option for protecting your devices.


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