Deploy Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security in Azure


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Deploy Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security in Azure

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Latest update: August 14, 2018 ID: 14337


To solve the problem:

  1. Specify the following parameters of the Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security (BYOL):
    1. Name – Virtual Machine Name
    2. Username – Name used for connection
    3. Password/Confirm password
    4. Subscription – Your subscription in Azure
    5. Resource group – Create new group or use existing
    6. Location
  1. Then specify the parameters of your infrastructure:
    1. Virtual machine size
    2. Storage performance tier – it is recommended to use Premium storage.
    3. Public IP address
    4. DNS prefix
  1. Set up the network parameters of the Server:
    1. Virtual Network – Choose the same network where the virtual machines are deployed.
    2. Subnets
  1. Check the specified parameters and server configuration and click OK.
  1. On the next step, click Create. Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security deployment takes about 40 minutes.
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