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Specifying the feeds update period

February 27, 2024

ID 177986

This section describes the feeds update period and how to change it. Make sure that the General tenant is selected from the drop-down list that has all available tenants, in the upper-left area of the window.

About the feeds update period

The feeds update period specifies how often Kaspersky CyberTrace updates all enabled feeds. The default update frequency is 30 minutes. The date and time of the last feeds update is displayed.

Feeds can be rolled back after an update if Kaspersky CyberTrace fails to upload new indicators into the Matching engine (for more information, see the description of the FeedsRollbackEnabled parameter in ServiceSettings).

Feeds update period section in CyberTrace.

Feeds update period section

Specifying the feeds update period

To specify the feeds update period:

  1. Navigate to the Settings page.
  2. Open the Feeds tab.
  3. In the Feeds update period section, select a value in the Update frequency drop-down list.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the Feeds tab, and then click the Save button.

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