Kaspersky CyberTrace

About the certificates

February 27, 2024

ID 190348

Kaspersky CyberTrace uses a TLS certificate to download feeds. The certificate determines which feeds Kaspersky CyberTrace can download from the update servers.

Certificate types

Kaspersky CyberTrace can use two types of certificates:

  • Demo certificate

    This certificate is shipped in the distribution kit. It allows access to the demo Kaspersky Threat Data Feeds.

  • Commercial certificate

    This certificate allows access to one or more Kaspersky Threat Data Feeds.

    To obtain a commercial certificate, contact Kaspersky Cybersecurity Service team at intelligence@kaspersky.com.

Certificates and security

When Kaspersky CyberTrace establishes a connection with Kaspersky servers, it passes the certificate in encrypted form to Kaspersky. The connection between Kaspersky CyberTrace and Kaspersky servers is also encrypted to ensure that all data is protected.

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