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About Secret Vault

April 5, 2024

ID 84966

Available only in Kaspersky Plus and Kaspersky Premium.

Secret Vaults is designed to protect your confidential data against unauthorized access. A Secret Vault is a data storage on your computer that you can lock or unlock using the password that only you know. You have to enter the password to modify the files stored in a secret vault. If you have entered an invalid password 10 times in a row, access to the secret vault is blocked for one hour.

If you lose or forget the password, you will not be able to recover your data.

To create a secret vault, Kaspersky application uses the AES XTS data encryption algorithm with an effective key length of 56 bits.

If the FAT32 file system is used on your computer, you can create secret vaults no more than 4 GB in size.

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