December 26, 2023

ID 232343

This functionality may be available if Kaspersky has offers for you in your region.

To go to the Store, click the button with the bag icon bag in the lower part of the main window of the application.

On the Store page, we offer Kaspersky solutions and solutions provided by our partners that you might find interesting. Here you will be able to buy a solution that is tailored to your needs, browse previously bought applications and services, keep an eye on your subscription status, proceed to install an application, or read an instruction manual.

The applications are grouped by purpose and priority. New and recommended applications are also labeled.

Clicking Buy (button may be called differently depending on the offers available in your region) takes you to the online store where you can learn more about the selected solution and check out your purchase. You will receive an email with information about your purchase and activation instructions.

According to legal requirements, the Kaspersky Store Terms of Use link is available in some regions on the Store page.

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