Kaspersky Embedded Systems Security 3.x

Deleting task logs

March 10, 2023

ID 148498

By default, Kaspersky Embedded Systems Security stores records in task logs for 30 days after a task is done. You can change the storage period for records in task logs.

You can manually delete task logs that are already complete.

Events from the logs of tasks that are currently running and tasks being used by other users will not be deleted.

To delete the task logs:

  1. In the Application Console tree, expand the Logs and notifications node.
  2. Select the Task logs subnode.
  3. Perform one of the following steps:
    • If you want to delete the logs of all tasks that are already complete, open the context menu of the Task logs child node and select Clear.
    • If you want to clear the log of an individual task, in the results pane, open the context menu the task log you want to clear, and select Remove.
    • If you want to clear the logs of several tasks:
      1. In the results pane, use the Ctrl or Shift key to select the task logs you want to clear.
      2. Open the context menu of any selected task log and select Remove.
  4. Click the Yes button in the deletion confirmation window to confirm that you want to delete the logs.

The task logs that you selected will be cleared. The deletion of task logs will be recorded in the system audit log.

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