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Failed to connect to Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway server via SSH

Latest update: April 25, 2024 ID: 15904
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  • Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway 2.1 (version
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Connection to Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway server via SSH through added key fails.


  • The license key was created incorrectly.
  • The license key was modified before you added it to Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway.
  • Your loin is incorrect.


  1. Download and install PuTTy SSH client to your device.
  2. Run PuTTYgen.exe.
  3. In the Parameters section, select RSA type of key and click Generate.

Generating an RSA key in PuTTY

  1. Copy the generated key.

Copying the public SSH key.

  1. Go to Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway and add the key without the rsa‑key‑<generation date> part. For instructions, see Online Help.
  2. Click Add.

Adding the public SSH key to Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway.

  1. In the PuTTy key generator window, open the File tab and in the drop-down menu select Save private key.

Saving the private key in PuTTy key generator

  1. Open putty.exe from the PuTTy installation folder.
  2. Click the Session category and specify the address to connect in the Host Name (or IP address)field.

Enering the host name or IP address for connection

  1. Expand Connection → SSH and click Auth.

Opening authentication with private key window

  1. In the Private key file for authentication field, open the file with the private key and click Open..

Authentication with private key

  1. In the window that opens, type the login: root

Login under root

You will be authorized in the system without a password and will get access to the files on the server.

What to do if the solution did not help

If the issue persists, send a request to Kaspersky technical support via Kaspersky CompanyAccount. Please include a detailed description of the issue. Before sending a request, read the required information in the Knowledge Base section.

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