How to manage your devices remotely via the Kaspersky Small Office Security Management Console

Latest update: June 28, 2019 ID: 15128

If the devices in your organization have Kaspersky Small Office Security installed, you can manage their protection remotely. In the Kaspersky Small Office Security Management Console, you can:

  • View a list of security issues and fix them remotely.
  • Scan devices for viruses and other malicious applications.
  • Update databases and application modules.
  • Enable and disable protection components.
  • Send commands to mobile devices should they get lost or stolen.

To remotely manage the protection of your connected devices:

  1. Create an account in the Kaspersky Small Office Security Management Console. See this article for instructions.
  2. Connect devices to the Kaspersky Small Office Security Management Console:

How to update anti-virus databases


How to run a quick or full scan


How to enable or disable protection components


How to manage the protection of mobile devices

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