Kaspersky Security for Virtualization 6.x Agentless

How to change the port for connecting to the Integration Server in Kaspersky Security for Virtualization 6.х Agentless

Latest update: August 02, 2021 ID: 15734
This article concerns Kaspersky Security for Virtualization 6.1 Agentless (version

To change the port for connecting to the Integration Server, use the account that has administrator rights:

  1. View the parameters of connecting to the Integration Server by running the following command:

C:\Windows\system32>netsh http show sslcert

  1. Save the values of the following parameters: IP:port, Certificate Hash and Application ID.

SSL Certificate bindings:
    IP:port                 :
    Certificate Hash        : ccd9c9c661c8e3da4fc567da48f3a06e708a7654
    Application ID          : {c1e1e87f-1818-4ac3-897b-a8e10f790659}
    Certificate Store Name  : My

  1. Stop the viis service:

net stop viis

  1. Delete the current certificate. To do so, use the previous value of IP:port:

netsh http delete sslcert ipport=

  1. Set a new port using the previously obtained values of Certificate Hash and Application ID: 

netsh http add sslcert ipport= certhash=ccd9c9c661c8e3da4fc567da48f3a06e708a7654 appid={c1e1e87f-1818-4ac3-897b-a8e10f790659} 

If you run the command from PowerShell, put quotes around the value of the appid='{<value>}' parameter to avoid the "Parameter is incorrect" error.

  1. Block access to the previous port if you do not plan to use it:

netsh http delete urlacl url=https://*:7271/

  1. Give network services access to the new port:

netsh http add urlacl url=https://*:7654/ user="NETWORK SERVICE"

  1. Open C:\Program Files (x86)\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky VIIS and find the configuration file of the Integration Server viislaservice.exe.config. In this file, set the new port value in the following line:

<add key="address" value="https://localhost:7654/"/>

  1. Run the viis service again:

net start viis

The port for connecting to the Integration Server will be changed.

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