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Protection for kids in Kaspersky Total Security 20

Latest update: September 12, 2023 ID: 14738

If you have Kaspersky Total Security installed on your computer and it has been activated with a current license, you can use the premium version of the multi-platform Safe Kids application instead of Parental Control. Safe Kids allows you to monitor your children’s online activity and make sure they are protected while using the Internet. See below for instructions on installing Kaspersky Safe Kids. When switching to Safe Kids, please be aware that:

  • In Safe Kids, there is no feature for monitoring the transfer of personal data, nor can you block games by categories (such as violent games).
  • In the free version of Kaspersky Safe Kids you cannot get reports on your child’s activity.
  • When switching to Kaspersky Safe Kids, the following settings will not be transferred from Parental Control and you will have to configure them once again:
    • Restrictions on Internet access time.
    • Lists of allowed and blocked websites, if they were specified using web address masks (eg. *example.com/?hl=*;).
    • Breaks in computer use throughout the day.
    Remaining settings will be transferred.

To compare the features in Kaspersky Safe Kids and Parental Control, see below.


Comparison of Kaspersky Safe Kids and the Parental Control component


How to install Kaspersky Safe Kids


How to continue using Parental Control

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