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Backup and Restore component of Kaspersky Total Security

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Data stored on a computer can be lost or damaged due to various issues, for example, virus infection, software or hardware problems, or even accidental removal. To protect yourself from losing important information, we recommend that you regularly back up data. Backup process duration time depends on the size of the data you would like to back up. Kaspersky Lab specialists recommend creating backup copies only of files and folders that contain important information (documents, images, audio and video files, etc.)

Backup copying creates backup copies of objects in a special storage on hard or network drive, on the selected device, or in the online storage. In case of data loss, you will be able to restore it from the storage.

Using Backup and Restore, you can:

  • Activate an online storage.
  • Create backup tasks.
  • Run a backup task. You can run the backup task each time manually or by schedule.
  • Restore data from backup. When necessary, you can restore the required version of the file from backup. Files can be restored from backup copies either into their initial location or into any available folder.
  • View the backup and restore report.

To configure the Backup and Restore component, click Backup and Restore in the main window of Kaspersky Total Security

Watch a video on how to configure Data Backups in Kaspersky Total Security:

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