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Private Browsing in Kaspersky Total Security 2016

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2016 Nov 18 ID: 12036

When you browse websites, their owners collect information about your activity for marketing purposes. That is why you see relevant ads after you have searched for some book or a certain smartphone model. It is not only search engines that collect such information: the widespread social network buttons can also gather data about your Internet habits. It is implemented by the cookie technology.

With Kaspersky Total Security, you can prevent websites from collecting information about yourself. Configure Private Browsing to define the privacy level.

By default, the component does not block anything. To protect your privacy, you need to enable some features first, as described below.

Please note. The Private Browsing component does not prevent social networks ( Facebook , Google Plus , Twitter ) from collecting data about your preferences when you visit their websites.


How to block tracking requests from websites


How to show the Private Browsing tool in Internet Explorer


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