How to check iOS MDM performance?


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How to check iOS MDM performance?

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This article concerns Kaspersky Security Center 10: 

  • Service Pack 2 Maintenance Release 1 (version 10.4.343.0)
  • Service Pack 2 (version 10.3.407.0)

In order to check iOS MDM settings, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the iOS MDM Mobile device server application settings (Administration serverMobile device managementIOS MDM Mobile device serverSettings).
  2. Go to the Certificates section.
  3. Make sure the iOS Mobile device server certificate section in the right part of the window contains the correct server address.
Make sure the server address is correct
  1. Verify that the iOS MDM server is available from the network where the devices are located: Execute the command: $telnet <iOS MDM server address> <server_port>
  1. Verify that you have indeed reached the iOS MDM server via OpenSSl tool. To do this, execute the command:
    $openssl s_client –connect <iOS MDM server address>:<server port>
  1. Verify that ports 2195 and 2196 are reachable from the host where iOS MDM Mobile device server is installed by executing the following commands:
    • $telnet 2195
    • $telnet 2196
  2. Wait until the commands are executed.
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