Express installation of Kaspersky PURE R2
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Kaspersky PURE Release 2


Express installation of Kaspersky PURE R2

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2012 Aug 16 ID: 5001

Warning It is recommended to close all applications before the installation.
Kaspersky PURE R2 is installed on a computer using Setup Wizard which will run when open the installation file. To install Kaspersky PURE R2 on your computer, run the installation file (file with the .exe extension) on the product CD you have purchased. You can also receive the application installation package via the Internet. The installation of Kaspersky PURE R2 from the installation package downloaded via the Internet is identical to that from the installation CD.

When the installation package is opened, the application will automatically search for the installation file (with the *.msi extension).

If it is found, the application will search for a newer version of the product on Kaspersky Lab servers on the Internet. If the installation package file is found, you will be offered to download it. When the download is complete, the installation of Kaspersky PURE R2 starts.

If the download is cancelled, the application installation will proceed in standard mode.

Step 1. Verifying that the system satisfies the installation requirements:

Before installing Kaspersky PURE R2, the following items are checked:

  • if the operating system and the service packs meet the program requirements for installation;
  • if the software required for the proper functioning of Kaspersky PURE R2 is installed on the computer;
  • if the user has rights to install the software.

If a condition is not met, a notification with the problem description will appear on the screen. In this case, before installing the Kaspersky Lab application, you are advised to install all necessary applications and the required service packs using the Windows Update service.

Step 2. Selecting the type of installation.

If the check is successfully completed, the Kaspersky PURE Setup Wizard window opens. In order to select express installation, DO NOT check the box custom installation. During the express installation the application will be installed on your computer in its entirety. The protection settings recommended by Kaspersky Lab will be applied. To continue installation, click the Next button.

Step 3. Accepting the License Agreement

Read the License Agreement concluded by you and Kaspersky Lab. The License Agreement lists the user's rights to use the software he or she has purchased. Without accepting the terms of the License Agreement, you cannot proceed with the application installation. Read the agreement carefully, and if you accept each of its terms, click the I agree button.

Step 4. Participating in the Kaspersky Security Network program

You can participate in the Kaspersky Security Network program. The purpose of the program consists in revealing new threats to data security and improve the quality of Kaspersky Lab products. To help us do it, you can provide our company the right of using the information about the status of your computer's security and the threats you have detected. To perform the analysis, you can also send information about the operating system and the unique identifier, which is assigned to your computer by Kaspersky PURE R2.

InformationKaspersky Lab guarantees that no personal data will be used.

View the regulations concerning the participation in Kaspersky Security Network. If you accept all terms of it, check the I accept the terms of participation in Kaspersky Security Network box. Click the Install button. The installation will continue.

Step 5. Installing of the application

The application will be installed on your computer in its entirety. The protection settings recommended by Kaspersky Lab will be applied.

InformationIf you install the application on your computer working under Windows Vista / 7, then a message from the User Account Control service may appear. In order to continue the installation, click the Yes button.

On this step, the wizard searches for other anti-virus programs, including other Kaspersky Lab applications, which may conflict with Kaspersky PURE R2

  • If any anti-virus applications were detected on your computer, they will be listed on the screen. You will be asked to uninstall them before you proceed with the installation. To remove the anti-virus programs that you have detected, use the Remove button.

In the dialog window click OK to confirm deletion.

To proceed with the installation, click the Next button.

In order to remove third-party software, the work of Kaspersky Pure Setup Wizard is automatically terminated.  In the window with the message of termination click OK.

When all incompatible programs are removed restart your computer and then run the installation of Kaspersky PURE R2 once again and perform all described steps. 

If the wizard found no incompatible programs, then wait until the process completes. 


Once the installation procedure is complete, the Configuration Wizard starts.

Step 6. Activating the application

For Kaspersky PURE R2 to be fully functional, it requires to be activated.

You can:

  • activate commercial license with the purchased activation code

  • activate trial version for the trial period of 30 days and get acquainted with the possibilities of the program

  • activate later. If you select activate later, the stage of Kaspersky PURE R2 activation will be skipped. The application will be installed on your computer, but you will be able to update the application only once after its installation.

In order to continue the activation process, click the Next button.

The Configuration Wizard will connect with the Kaspersky Lab server and will download a license key file. Please, wait while the wizard activates your Kaspersky PURE R2.

Once the license is activated, in order to proceed with the configuration, click the Next button.

Step 7. System analysis

The Installation Wizard analyzes the system information and creates rules for trusted applications which are included to the Windows operating system. Wait till the process is completed.

Step 8. Completing installation

When the installation is complete in the window The installation is complete:

  • make sure the box Start Kaspersky PURE is checked if you want to run the application immediately after the Configuration Wizard is closed.
  • clear the box Start Kaspersky PURE if you want to run the program later

In order to close the Configuration Wizard, click the Finish button.

In some cases, after the installation is complete, it is required to restart your computer. In order to restart your computer after the installation, check the box Restart computer and then click the Finish button.

If during the installation of Kaspersky PURE R2 an error message appears or you have any issues, then create a request to Kaspersky Lab Technical Support. Describe your problem in all the details. Attach to your request the following: 

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