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Main functions of Password Manager from Kaspersky PURE R2

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Applies to Kaspersky PURE Release 2

Password Manager from Kaspersky PURE R2 is an indispensable tool for active Internet users: the program automatically inserts passwords and other information into webpages, saving you from headache of creating and remembering passwords yourself. Password Manager from Kaspersky PURE R2 makes authorization protected and secure: the module allows creating strong passwords and protects your personal data from being intersepted or stolen by cybercriminals by storing your data in a special encrypted storage.

Password Manager makes your online activity more convenient and secure and saves your time as well.

One-click authorization

Password Manager saves the parameters you use to access web resources (login and password). With each subsequent visit to the site the program will insert your credentials automatically. Password Manager also works with applications which require authorisation (SkypeICQOutlook and etc.).

Secure protection of your passwords

Password Manager stores your passwords and other personal information in a secure, encrypted database on your computer. The passwords which have been saved can only be decrypted using a master password or another method of authentification specified by the user, which ensures security and prevents your information from being stolen by cybercriminals.

Secure memos

Password Manager enables you not only to securely store logins and passwords but also personal records which you would like to remain confidential such as: SIM card PIN codes, software keys, passport details, etc. It is possible to use templates with standard data types when creating a secure memo.

Secure exchange of account details 

Sometimes we need to share our login and password to a certain resource with family and friends. To avoid sending your confidential information openly, take advantage of the new option included in Password Manager that allows the exchange of encrypted login information. After a predetermined period of time, the product will remind you that the account information has been shared with another user and you will be able to modify the access parameters to ensure security.

Support for Google Chrome

Password Manager supports automatic password backup and autocomplete features for the popular Microsoft Internet ExplorerMozilla FireFox and Google Chrome browsers, ensuring that all of the solution’s advantages are used.

Various authentification methods

Password Manager allows users to control access to their password database using a master password as well as USB and Bluetooth devices. Your mobile phone can even be used for this purpose: when a suitable Bluetooth connection to a computer is established, the password database will be unlocked. When your mobile is out of range of the computer, the database will be locked again automatically.

Strong passwords creation

Security of your data is directly related to the safety of your login information. Quite often, the same or very similar passwords are used for different accounts. If a cybercriminal cracks one of them, they will be able to access all of your resources. The generator included in Password Manager will help you to create strong passwords that would be difficult for cybercriminals to crack.

Importing passwords from other programs

It is not unusual for passwords automatically saved by different browsers to be stored in an unencrypted format, making them easily accessible to cybercriminals. Password Manager can import passwords from unprotected domains to the encrypted database.

Portable version

A portable version of the program enables you to use the password database on any computer without installing Password Manager. The version can be launched from various external memory devices, e.g. a USB or a flash drive. When the removable media is disconnected, Kaspersky Password Manager will automatically close and your data will be removed from the computer.

Autocompletion of long web forms

Personal information other than just a user’s name and password may be required when registering on a website, e.g. first and last name, year of birth, sex, email addess, telephone number, country of residence, etc. Password Manager allows long registration forms to be completed automatically based on identification cards containing personal data which the user creates in advance. Several cards can be used to store business and personal information separately.

One identity - several bank cards

Quite often you use several bank cards to make an online transaction. Password Manager saves all your bank card information in one identity and inserts it when completing forms. The product also allows a specific card to be selected as the default card or the required card to be chosen from a list.

One account - several user names

Sometimes it may be necessary to save several passwords for one webpage, e.g. when you have more than one account with the same mail service provider. Password Manager allows several user names to be saved for one account – it will ask which user name to use for authorization when you access the resource.

One account for several websites or applications

Sometimes it is necessary to use one account for several web resources or applications, e.g. when a vendor requires the use of a single login and password for all services. Password Manager identifies the correct login and password to use with multiple accounts. If you change your login and password information, all of the related accounts will be modified automatically.

Automatic backup

Password Manager automatically creates a backup copy of the password database on your computer every time it is modified. You can easily restore your registration information if the current database has been damaged or if you would like to cancel the latest changes.

Unification of password databases

Using Password Manager on different computers, for example, the home computer and the office PC, you may face a situation whereby the password databases differ. Password Manager enables several databases to be united into just one.

Effective protection against keyloggers

 A keylogger is a malicious program that tracks the sequence of keystrokes on the keyboard in order to record a user’s personal information, such as passwords. Password Manager inserts information directly into web resources and applications without using the keyboard and effectively protects your passwords against keyloggers.

Protection against phishing attacks

A phishing attack is one in which a cybercriminal tries to persuade a user to enter their account credentials into a website that the criminal controls. Usually, the fake site closely resembles an authentic one and the unwary user is thus tricked into inserting their personal information. Password Manager effectively combats phishing attacks as it verifies the authenticity of web addresses and the software version before any passwords are inserted. 

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