Functional modules of Kaspersky Small Office Security 2 for File Server



Kaspersky Small Office Security 2.0 (FS)


Functional modules of Kaspersky Small Office Security 2 for File Server

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2012 Aug 16 ID: 5465

Kaspersky Small Office Security 2 provides all-inclusive protection for your office network. All-inclusive protection means computer protection, data protection and user protection, as well as remote management of Kaspersky Small Office Security 2 on all network computers.

Kaspersky Small Office Security 2 for File Server is installed on file servers under the Microsoft Windows operating system. The application provides protection for data on the computer and tools for the remote management of office network computers.

Kaspersky Small Office Security 2 for File Server includes the following functional modules:

Protection Center protects your computer against known and new threats. Each type of threat is processed by a separate application component. This structure of the protection system allows a flexible configuration of the application, depending on the needs of any specific, or of an enterprise as a whole. Protection Center includes the following protection tools:

  • Protection components ensure security for:
    • files and personal data;
    • system;
    • network activity.
  • Virus scan tasks are used to scan individual files, folders, drives, areas, or the entire computer for viruses.
  • Update Center ensures the up-to-date status of internal application modules and databases used to scan for malicious programs.

Backup and Restore quickly restores your data if data loss occurs. Data stored on a computer can be lost due to various issues, such as impact of a virus, information modification or deletion by another user, etc. To avoid losing important information, you should regularly back up data. Backup copying creates backup copies of objects in a special storage on the selected device. If necessary, the required version of the saved file can be restored from the backup copy.

Data Encryption protects your confidential data against unauthorized access. Confidential information, which is saved in electronic mode, requires additional protection from unauthorized access. Data encryption allows creating special encrypted containers on the chosen drive. In the system, such containers are displayed as virtual removable drives. To access the data in the encrypted container, a password should be entered.

Management Center allows to remotely manage the security of networked computers. Home network often comprises several computers, which makes it difficult to manage network security. The vulnerability of one computer puts in jeopardy the whole network. The Management Center allows starting virus scan tasks and update tasks for the whole network or for selected computers, manage the backup copying of data, and configure Web Policy Management settings on all computers within the network immediately from your workspace. This ensures remote security management of all computers within home network.

Additional Tools is used for optimizing the operating system settings and performing specific computer security tasks. Volume and diversity of information about system security makes its analysis and processing difficult. To facilitate solving specific tasks of providing computer security, Kaspersky Small Office Security 2 for File Server includes the following wizards and tools:

  • Browser Configuration Wizard performs the analysis of the Microsoft Internet Explorer settings by assessing them, primarily, in relation to the security.
  • System Restore Wizard removes traces left by malicious objects in the system.
  • Privacy Cleaner Wizard finds and removes traces of user's activities in the system, and the operating system settings, which allow gathering information about the user's activities.
  • Rescue Disk is designed to scan and disinfect infected x86-compatible computers. It should be used when the infection is at such level that it is deemed impossible to disinfect the computer using anti-virus applications or malware removal utilities.
  • Permanently Delete Data prevents unauthorized restoration of deleted files. Unused Data Clearing Wizard deletes temporary and unused files requiring considerable volume of disk space or being at risk of a malware impact.
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