How to change password for an existing account using Password Manager in Kaspersky PURE R2?
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Kaspersky PURE Release 2


How to change password for an existing account using Password Manager in Kaspersky PURE R2?

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2012 Jan 19 ID: 5617

Applies to Kaspersky PURE К2

If you want to enhance password security and safety for your account on the web-site/ in an application, you can create a new password using Password Generator

To change the password of an already existing account using Password Generator, do the following: 

  1. open either a web-page or a program window where you want to change a password and enter the old password in the input field 
  2. right-click Password Manager on the Task Panel 
  3. select Password Manager
  4. in the list of account find the account which corresponds to an opened web-site/application.
  5. click the account and select Edit 
  6. in the account window delete the old password: highlight the password and press Delete on the keyboard 
  7. click the link Generate password 
  8. create a new password using Password generator 
  9. to view the generated password, check click on the eye button 
  10. copy the password to clipboard by clicking the Copy button, then enter the password in the password input field in the application/on the web page by pressing CTRL+V. The generated password is stored in clipboard for a specified time period before being deleted. That is why if you exceeded this time period and did not enter the password into the password input, then the combination of CTRL+V will not work and the password will not be input into the form.

  1. in order to re-copy the password in the clipboard, click the Copy button. 

  1. save the new password on the web site/in the application 
  2. click OK in the Password Manager account window 
  3. close the Password Manager window by clicking the Close button.
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