How to create a backup task in Kaspersky PURE 3.0


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How to create a backup task in Kaspersky PURE 3.0

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Backup tasks are used for creating backup copies of files. A backup task may be created using the wizard. 

Specify the following settings when creating a backup task: 

  • a set of files for which backup copies will be created; 
  • a storage where backup tasks will be created; 
  • conditions of backup process startup.

In order to create a backup task, perform the following steps: 

Step 1. Open Kaspersky PURE 3.0.

Step 2. Click the Backup button.

Step 3. In the Backup window on the Backup tab click the Create a backup task button.

The backup task creation wizard will be started.

Step 4. In the Create backup task window select for what files a backup task should be created.

You can select one of the following categories of files:

  • My Document s and Desktop — all files from the My Documents folder and from desktop will be backed up.
  • Movies and Video —video files will be backed up.
  • Pictures and Photos — all image files will be backed up.
  • Music — all music files will be backed up.
  • Custom files — you can select manually what files to back up.

You can view the list of files in all categories except Custom files. To view files selected for backup copying, click the link with the number of files in the selected category.


Click Next to continue.

Step 5. If on step 4 you selected the category Custom files, then in the Location of files section you can create the list of files for backup copying. If you selected a different category, go to step 6.

In the Location of files section in the left part of the window add the necessary folders:

  1. Click the Add folder button.

  1. In the Select file or folder window select the necessary folder or file.

  1. Click the OK button. The selected folder will appear in the Location of files section.


To select specific files that should be backed up, click the name of the folder in the Location of files section and select the required files by checking them. Click OK.

Click Next to continue.

Step 6. Select the required storage where backup copies will be located.

By default Kaspersky PURE 3.0 creates a storage in drive C. You can use a default storage, connect another storage or create a new storage (for this click the Add storage / Connect storage link and follow the steps of the wizard) or activate an online storage.

Click Next to continue.

Step 7. Specify schedule of automatic backup run:

  • if you wish to run backup tasks according to a schedule, check the box Run automatically according to the schedule and specify the required schedule;
  • if you wish to rerun tasks that were missed at the scheduled time (for example, due to restart or OS failure), check the box Run skipped tasks.

Click Next to continue.

Step 8. In the Create backup task window enter the name of the new task and if necessary select the option Run task when the wizard is complete.

Click the Finish button, to confirm the task creation with the specified settings. On the Summary step enter the task name and confirm the task creation by clicking the Finish button.

Step 9. When the wizard’s work is over the created backup task will appear on the Backup tab and the backup process will start.

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