Training groups

Training groups let you flexibly customize training based on the jobs and initial knowledge level of users. The training manager needs to consider which settings should be used to group users in order to organize the training process effectively.

The user training program is determined by the settings set for the group.

Group settings

You can configure the following settings for each training group of the main course:

The following settings are available for the express course:

When a group starts training, the platform will automatically determine the training schedule based on the group settings. However, each user in the group will also have a personal training schedule. For users who joined the group later, the personal training schedule will be determined taking this into consideration so they won't lag behind.

When a user is moved to another group, their personal schedule is updated based on the new group's training program.

Default groups

During registration, a company is created on the platform with three default groups. The table below contains group settings and recommendations for their use.

Default training group settings


Training intensity (minutes per week)

Test threshold level (%)

Training program

Intended staff

Low Risk



All topics up to Beginner level

This level is recommended for employees with limited access to corporate IT systems:

  • blue-collar workers
  • drivers
  • secretaries
  • call center staff
  • designers
  • business trainers, etc.

Average Risk



All topics up to Elementary level

This level is recommended for specialists whose work is on the corporate network, but who don't have access to confidential information:

  • editors
  • marketing specialists
  • engineers
  • project managers
  • cashiers

High Risk



All topics up to Intermediate level

This level is recommended for employees who work with confidential information and personal data, as well as have administrative access to their work computers and other corporate systems:

  • Support team staff
  • lawyers
  • programmers
  • doctors
  • accountants
  • HR specialists
  • IT specialists

You can change the settings of these groups, delete them, and also add new groups.

After group settings are set and users are added to it (manually or by automatic grouping rules), you can launch training in the group. You can stop training at any time for the entire group or individual users.

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