Creating a user account for the program web interface

You can create user accounts with the Senior security officer, Security officer, and Security auditor roles.

To create a user account for the program web interface:

  1. Log in to the web interface with the program administrator account.
  2. In the window of the program web interface, select the Settings section, Users subsection.
  3. Click the Add button.

    This opens the New user window.

  4. If necessary, disable the user account using the Status toggle switch.

    By default, the account is enabled.

    If a user account is enabled, the user is allowed to access the program web interface. If a user account is disabled, the user is prohibited from accessing the program web interface.

  5. In the Role drop-down list, select one of the following roles:
    • Senior security officer.
    • Security officer
    • Security auditor.
  6. In the User name field, enter a user name for the account you want to create.

    The user name must meet the following requirements:

    • Must be unique in the list of user names (case-sensitive).
    • Must contain no more than 32 characters.
    • Can contain letters A–Z, a–z, digits 0–9, hyphens (-), and underscores (_).
    • Must begin with a letter (A–Z or a–z).
  7. In the New password field, enter a user password that will be used to access the web interface.

    The password must satisfy the following requirements:

    • Must not be the same as the user name.
    • Must not contain dictionary words, popular combinations of letters, or examples of a keyboard layout (for example, Qwerty or passw0rd).
    • Must contain at least 8 characters.
    • Must contain at least three types of characters:
      • Uppercase character (A–Z).
      • Lowercase character (a–z).
      • Number.
      • Special character.
  8. In the Confirm password field, re-enter the user password that will be used to access the web interface.
  9. In the Access section, configure access rights:
    1. Turn on the SCN web interface toggle switch to allow the user to access not only the web interface of this PCN server, but also to web interfaces of all available SCN servers.
    2. To the right of the Companies setting name, select check boxes of one or more organizations to whose web interfaces you want to allow access.

      You can use the Select all and Deselect all links to select or cancel selection of all companies.

  10. Click the Add button.

The program user account will be created.

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