For a security officer: Getting started with the program web interface

This section is intended for specialists who are in charge of providing data security within an organization. It contains information and instructions on configuring resources for the security of a corporate IT infrastructure and timely detection of threats.

The program allows the joint work of several security officers.

In this Help section

Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack Platform Interface

Selecting an organization to manage in the web interface of the program

Monitoring program operation

Table of alerts

Filtering, sorting, and searching alerts

Viewing alerts

Recommendations for processing alerts

User actions performed on alerts

Events database threat hunting

Event information

Managing Kaspersky Endpoint Agent host information

Network isolation of Endpoint Agent hosts

Managing tasks

Managing policies (prevention rules)

Managing user-defined rules

Managing objects in Storage and Quarantine

Managing reports

Managing rules for assigning the VIP status to alerts

Managing the list of scan exclusions

Managing IDS exclusions

Managing TAA exclusions

Creating a list of passwords for archives

Viewing server settings

Viewing the table of servers with the Sandbox component

Viewing the table of servers with the Sensor component

Viewing the table of external systems

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