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Tracing is a way to record detailed information about the application's activity. Kaspersky Technical Support specialists use trace files to troubleshoot issues. You can enable full application event logging to create trace files and send them to Technical Support if requested. By default, full application event logging is disabled. However, some of the application events are recorded during the application update, but are not transferred automatically. Technical support may need them in certain cases.

You can also enable or disable the logging and automatic transfer of operating system data (dump files) to Kaspersky specialists. They use the provided information to find application bugs and fix them in subsequent updates. You can find more information about the purpose and structure of trace files and dumps files in the About the content of trace files and dump files section. By default, logging of operating system data is enabled, but automatic transfer of them is disabled.

Log application events

Send operating system data to Technical Support

If you enable logging of application events and confirm that you want to provide data to Technical Support, Kaspersky Safe Kids will send trace file and dump files stored on your computer to Kaspersky. If confirm that you want to provide data to Technical Support but do not enable logging of application events, only dump files will be sent.

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