About PC Cleaner

Using Kaspersky Small Office Security, you can search your computer for applications and browser extensions that you could possibly want to remove. For example, these could be applications and browser extensions that were installed without your consent or applications and extensions that are rarely used by you.

Kaspersky Small Office Security regularly analyzes applications and browser extensions installed on your computer to determine possible reasons for their deletion, and categorizes the detected applications and browser extensions.

You can manually run an analysis of installed applications and browser extensions or configure a scheduled analysis.

Information about detected applications and browser extensions is displayed in the Notification Center window. You can proceed to view the list of detected objects from the Notification Center.

The applications and extensions that you want to keep can be added to the list of exclusions. You can view and edit the list of exclusions.

You can click the Report annoying application link to send data about applications that cause you troubles to Kaspersky.

This functionality is unavailable if Kaspersky Small Office Security is installed on a file server.

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