Frequently asked questions


Getting Started


How to install a new version of the application over an existing one

How to configure the recommended settings of the application during installation

How to activate the application

How to create a Kaspersky Small Office Security Management Console account

How to manage protection of your devices remotely

Reports and Updates

Reports and Updates


How to view the application operation report

How to start an update of databases and application modules

Computer Protection

Computer Protection


How to view information about computer protection state

How to recover the operating system after infection

How to start a full scan of the computer for viruses

How to start a quick scan of the computer for viruses

How to run a vulnerability scan

How to configure scan on the protected websites


Operating system optimization


How to clean the computer from rarely used applications and browser extensions

How to optimize the application for computer games

How to apply the application settings on another computer

Safe Money

Protection of purchases and money transfers


How to protect your online purchases

How to configure Safe Money

How to configure Safe Money for a specific website

Personal Data Protection

Personal Data Protection


How to keep websites from collecting data about you

How to start Kaspersky Password Manager

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