How to enable or disable debugging mechanisms in beta version of a Kaspersky application

Latest update: December 01, 2021 ID: 15268

This article concerns beta versions of Kaspersky home solutions and Kaspersky Small Office Security.


The beta versions of Kaspersky applications will have Microsoft Application Verifier (AppVf) and Microsoft Driver Verifier (DrvVf) debugging mechanisms included by default.

These mechanisms are designed to identify and tackle functionality problems in beta version applications.

Enabling debugging mechanisms will turn on event logging on the PC. This in turn may lead to reduction in performance and operating system or application slowdown. Launching Microsoft Driver Verifier may also cause operating system failures. To learn more about the limitations when working with Microsoft Driver Verifier, see this article on Microsoft website.

To learn how to enable or disable the debugging tools, see instructions below.


How to enable or disable debugging mechanisms

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