What are the signs of infection?

Latest update: February 10, 2020 ID: 790

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Your computer may be infected if:
  • It shows unusual notifications or images or plays sounds.
  • Applications start or connect to the internet without your consent.
  • People from your contact lists receive messages from you that haven’t sent.
  • Your mailbox contains many messages with no sender’s address or subject.
  • Your computer often stops responding or works slowly.
  • The operating system does not load when you start the computer.
  • Files and folders may disappear, or you may be unable to open them.
  • You get multiple notifications on system errors.
  • Your browser stops responding or acts unexpectedly, e.g. opens pages or does not let you close the window or a tab.

What to do if you have notices these signs on your computer

If you notice any of the signs listed above, do the following:

  • Update antivirus databases in a Kaspersky application and run a full scan of your computer. 
  • If updating is not possible or the application fails to remove a threat, use special disinfection tools. For instructions, see this article
  • If you have detected adware in your browser, remove it in one of the ways described in this article.
  • If you know the type of infection, you can try using a corresponding tool from this list
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