B2B video and e-learning

Looking for more information about B2B products?

YouTube channel

We post new videos on our official YouTube channel regularly.

The channel also features topic-based playlists. For example:

  • Tech Dive — learn how Kaspersky technologies help defending against today's threats.
  • Technical How-To's — watch short videos on most demanded topics.

Free online courses

You can take free training courses* to master some of our products online.
Some of the tutorials are also available on our YouTube channel:

*The latest course versions may not be included in certain training programs.

Product-specific technical training

You can complete face-to-face training courses at one of our Authorized Training Centers.

All courses are run by certified trainers and include both theory and laboratory-based hands-on training to help you solidify acquired knowledge.

All participants who successfully complete the practical stage of the course will receive a certificate based on their chosen type of training.


You can take an examination and acquire an IT specialist status of:

Based on the chosen type of examination you will receive a certificate.

If you are a representative of a customer's company, please contact us via edu@kaspersky.com. If you are a Kaspersky Partner, you should take exams on the Partner Portal. If you are from Russia, please select a center of certification from the Authorized Centers of Certification page (RU).

Employee training and education

Kaspersky also provides information security and cybercrime defense training for employees of all levels.

1. Training for responsible executives, employees and IT specialists on building a business environment protected form threats of cybercrime:

  • Kaspersky Interactive Protection Simulation (KIPS) game
  • Kaspersky Automated Security Awareness Platform
  • Cybercrime defense course for IT specialists (CITO)

Learn more on the Kaspersky Security Awareness page.

2. Digital forensics, malware analysis and security incident response training for information security specialists.

Learn more on the Kaspersky Cybersecurity Training page.

3. Kaspersky Incident Communications training on managing crisis situations like data breach.

Learn more on the Kaspersky Incident Communications page.


Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

If your question isn't answered there, contact as directly: edu@kaspersky.com


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