How to check how Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Linux ARM Edition functions when its license is expired

Latest update: May 18, 2020 ID: 15499

To check the product functionality with the expired license, move the system date forward. As soon as the date is reset to current, the product restores its normal functionality automatically.

Check the current license term. Run the command:

kesl-control -L --query

An example of running the command.

In this example, the last day of the license term is 2021-02-23. Change the date, adding one year to it:

date -s "+1 year"

Check the license status again.

Expired license status.

Now the product can’t be updated. To check this, run the command (task with id = 6 is default update task):

kesl-control --start-task 6 –W

Several events will be generated, and one of them is UpdateError, which states that the product with the expired license cannot be updated.

The Update error event in the log.

At the same time, the product can still detect threats using the existing databases.

Set the date to current and check the license status again:

date -s "-1 year"
kesl-control -L --query

The product will return to the normal state with an active license.

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