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Diagnostics of Moebius malfunctions

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Moebius is a service for quick real time updates of the Anti-Spam database. It helps deliver critical updates to the product faster. Moebius is compatible with Linux, Windows, and FreeBSD. 

In Kaspersky Security for Microsoft Exchange Servers, Kaspersky Security for Linux Mail Server 8.0 and 10.0 and Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway, the service goes under the name Enforced Anti-Spam Updates Service.

Moebius does not send any data to the Moebius server; it only receives data via HTTPS. The client gets the address and the port of the Moebius server from the configuration file. The Moebius server can send a configuration file which may contain a request to change the server.  

Moebius uses the following server address: moebius.kaspersky-labs.com:443

For internal interaction, Moebius connects through socket If the socket is not created, Moebius does not start.

The Moebius update package includes the two components:

  • Positive update package which is used for detecting spam.
  • Negative update package which is used for blocking spam detection.

Moebius only receives the files which are not present in the installed Anti-Spam database but exist on the server. To ensure the correct work of Moebius, Anti-Spam databases must be updated regularly. Otherwise, the file containing the Anti-Spam data to be downloaded can get large.  



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