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Select a VPN server

April 12, 2023

ID 143113

If you want to hide your IP address and appear to the internet as a visitor from a different place, you can change your location by selecting a different VPN server. Kaspersky VPN at the moment supports the following VPN server locations.

If you want to view a movie or show on the day of its world premiere even though it is scheduled for a later date in your specific region, all you need to do is start the application and select a region where it is available. We recommend the following servers for regional content.

Note: The locations in the list are determined based on the VPN server's IP address and don't necessarily match the physical location of the VPN server.

Select a VPN server

Note: Only the Unlimited version of the application allows you to select the VPN server that you want to use. In the free version, Kaspersky VPN selects the location of your free VPN server automatically.

Note: The availability of the free version depends on your region.

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