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Why is it impossible to open a website with Kaspersky VPN enabled?

April 12, 2023

ID 213982

Some websites and web services deny access when you try to connect to them through a VPN. Websites and web services may deny VPN access for the following reasons:

  • Website owners want the licensed content they publish to only be available for a certain country, since there are different offers and prices for different countries.
  • Website owners want the website to only be visited from a certain region. For example, a lottery is drawn only for a certain country, so access from other regions is forbidden.
  • There are web services that, for legal reasons, are only available in a particular region (for example, some media services providers or news broadcasters). These web services resist anonymizers and are not available when you use a VPN (or another anonymizer) to reach them.
  • These web services not only determine the location of the client, but also determine if the client uses an anonymizer. If an attempt to access the web service via an anonymizer is detected, access to the web service is blocked.
  • If you cannot access a certain website or web service by using a Kaspersky VPN, we recommend contacting Kaspersky Customer Service. Report the web service that is unavailable and from which location. Kaspersky will do our best to resolve the issue.

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