How to use Additional Tools in Kaspersky Total Security


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How to use Additional Tools in Kaspersky Total Security

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Latest update: 2019 Jun 25 ID: 11449

Additional Tools in Kaspersky Total Security are used for optimizing the operating system settings and performing specific task for computer protection. Kaspersky Total Security features the following tools and wizards:

  • Browser Configuration wizard analyzes the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser settings by their security.
  • Microsoft Windows Troubleshooting is a tool that removes traces left by malicious objects in the system.
  • Privacy Cleaner wizard detects and removes traces of user activity in the system as well as operating system settings that allow collecting information about user's actions.
  • File Shredder prevents unauthorized recovery of deleted files.

To use wizards and tools of Kaspersky Total Security, click the Show additional tools link  


1. How to start the Browser Configuration Wizard


2. How to start Microsoft Windows Troubleshooting Wizard


3. How to start the Privacy Cleaner Wizard


4. How to run File Shredder

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