How enable password protection in Kaspersky Total Security


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How enable password protection in Kaspersky Total Security

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2015 Jan 23 ID: 11470

To block unauthorized access to Kaspersky Total Security (for example, to prevent settings changing), you can enable password protection. To set a password in Kaspersky Total Security:

  1. Open the Settings window of Kaspersky Total Security.
  2. In the Settings window, go to the General tab.

To restrict access to Kaspersky Total Security settings, set up password protection in the General tab of the Settings window

  1. In the General section, click the Set up password protection link.
  2. In the Password protection window, enter the password into the New password and Confirm password fields.
  3. In the Password scope section, select or clear check boxes for the following actions that can be password-protected:
  4. Click Save.

Specify the password and its scope

  1. Close the application window.

If you forgot the password for Kaspersky Total Security, perform the following actions.

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