Import passwords from Chrome

November 28, 2023

ID 216441

Now you can import all your passwords and login information stored in the Chrome browser into Kaspersky Password Manager.

Please note that for the moment password import from Google Chrome version 107 and later may not work for logged in users due to changed logic. This will be fixed in the next updates.

To import passwords from Chrome:

  1. Open Chrome on your Android device where Kaspersky Password Manager is installed.
  2. Tap the menu icon ().
  3. Open the Settings section.
  4. Open the Passwords section.
  5. Tap the menu icon ().
  6. Tap the Export passwords option.
  7. If the device prompts you to enter your password or pattern, do so.

    Chrome will show a disclaimer explaining that if you import your password to a text file, it will be exposed. You won't need to generate such a file to import passwords to Kaspersky Password Manager, so this doesn't apply to your case.

  8. Tap Export passwords.
  9. Select Kaspersky Password Manager in the list of apps to which you can import your passwords.
  10. Enter your main password to unlock Kaspersky Password Manager.
  11. Select the credentials you want to import.
  12. Tap Import.
  13. Read the information about imported passwords.

    If you are using the free version, when the limit of active entries is reached, the app will automatically add your logins and passwords as inactive entries.

  14. Read the information about imported logins and passwords.
  15. Tap OK to close the window with import result details.

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