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Problems with remote installation of applications via Kaspersky Security Center

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The table below lists problems that may be encountered when installing applications remotely, as well as common causes of those issues.

Issue Causes and solutions
Installation rights are inadequate The account under which installation is running has insufficient rights to execute the operations required to install the application. Use a user account that has sufficient rights.
Follow these instructions to fix the error caused by incorrectly configured account rights during Kaspersky Security Center remote installation.
Low disk space Not enough free disk space for installation completion.
Free up more disk space and retry the operation.
Unplanned OS restart An unplanned restart of the OS has occurred during installation, the exact result of installation may be unavailable.
Check the installer settings for correctness or contact Technical Support.
Required file not found A required file has not been found in the installation package.
Check your installation package for integrity.
Incompatible platform The installation package is not intended for this platform.
Use a dedicated installation package.
Incompatible application An application, which is incompatible with the application, is installed on the device.
Before starting the installation, remove all applications that are listed as incompatible.
Poor system requirements The installation package requires some additional software in the system.
Check whether the system configuration meets the system requirements of the application being installed.
Incomplete installation The previous installation or removal of the application has not completed normally.
To complete the previous installation or removal of the application on this device, restart the OS and retry the installation process.
Wrong version of installer Installation of this installation package is not supported by the current version of the installer on this device.
Use a dedicated installation package.
Installation already running Installation of another application has already been started on this device.
Complete the installation of another application, and then run the installation again.
Could not open installation package Possible cause: the package is missing, the package is corrupted, or not enough rights to access the package.
Check the integrity of the installation package and the rights for accessing it.
Incompatible localization The installation package is not intended for installation on this localization of the OS.
Use the installation package that corresponds to the OS localization.
Installation blocked by policy Installation of applications on this device is prohibited by a policy.
Contact the domain administrator.
Error writing file A writing error has occurred during the application installation.
Check the account under which installation has been run for required rights, and evaluate the free disk space.
Invalid uninstall password The password for application removal has been incorrect.
Poor hardware requirements The system hardware does not meet the application requirements.
Check the system requirements and make sure your hardware meets all of them.
Invalid installation folder The application cannot be installed in the specified folder as it is prohibited by the installer policy.
Choose another folder for installation.
New installation attempt required after restart Run the application installer again after restarting the device.
Restart required to continue installation Reboot the device.

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